Innovation Summit





Innovation is a driving force of economic development. Leaders in business, government, and education join in Alaska's capital city for the 2013 Innovation Summit to cultivate ideas and develop strategies to strengthen key industries in our communities and region.  Learn from the speakers, collaborate with your industry network and meet others interested in forging a vibrant future for Southeast Alaska.  


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Monday, Feb 11   4 PM - 8 PM

Focus: Developing Talent, Elements of an Innovative Region

Tuesday Feb 12   9 AM - 5 PM



Wednesday Feb 13   Open day for regional working group meetings

Focus: Creating Social Value, The Government's Role in Supporting Innovation, Working Meetings for Regional Industry Clusters

Focus: Implementing Change, Supporting Key Regional Industries


Presenters invited include Dane Smith, Managing Director, FSG, Patrick Quinton, Executive DIrector, Portland Development Commission, Senator Jim Kastama of Washington State, & via teleconference Congressman Don Young and Senators Lisa Murkowski & Mark Begich.