Juneau Places of Worship

Located Downtown

Catholic Cathedral of the Nativity
Address:  416 5th St.
Phone:  586-1513

Holy Trinity Episcopal       
Address: 325 Gold St.
Phone:  586-3532

Faith Lutheran Church (LCMS)     
Address:  2500 Sunset Dr.
Phone:  586-2380

Resurrection Lutheran Church (ELCA)    
Address: 740 W. 10th
Phone:  586-2380

Northern Lights United Methodist/Presbyterian   
Address:  400 11th St.
Phone:  586-3131

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church    
Address:  5th & Gold St.
Phone:  586-1023

Eagle Wings Community Church     
Address:  Juneau Yacht Club
Phone:  780-6057

Address:  110 Seward St.
Phone:  586-5955

Salvation Army       
Address:  439 Willoughby
Phone:  586-2889

Christian Science Church/Reading Room    
Address:  430 Main St.
Phone:  586-2889
Located on Douglas Island

Douglas Community United Methodist
Address:  Downtown Douglas
Phone:  364-2408

Douglas Island Bible Church      
Address:  2770 David St.
Phone:  586-6350

Located North of Downtown and in the Mendenhall Valley

Bethel Assembly of God
Address:   8001 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  789-2176

Evangel Assembly of God      
Address:  3250 Tongass Blvd.
Phone:  789-3653

Lighthouse Baptist Church      
Address:  5750 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  780-4383

Emmanuel Baptist Church      
Address:  10490 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  789-3503

First Baptist Church       
Address:  4625 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  780-4434

Glacier Valley Baptist Church      
Address:  3921 Mendenhall Loop Rd.
Phone:  789-7348

St. Paul’s Catholic Church
Phone:  789-7307

St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church     
Address:  4207 Mendenhall Loop Rd.
Phone:  789-5152
Shephard of the Valley Lutheran Church (ELCA)   
Address:  4212 Mendenhall Loop Rd.
Phone:  789-4093

Aldersgate Methodist      
Address:  9161 Cinema Dr.
Phone:  789-4050

Valley Chapel        
Address:  9741 Mendenhall Loop Rd.
Phone:  789-3513

Christ Covenant Church
Address:  9095 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  790-6453

Church of Christ       
Address:  8755 Trinity
Phone:  789-9339

Christ Covenant Church      
Address:  9095 Glacier Hwy
Phone:  790-6453

Seventh Day Adventist      
Address:  4343 Mendenhall Loop Rd.
Phone:  789-7644

First Church of God       
Address:  2215 Ka-See-An Dr.
Phone:  789-9314

Church of God- Glacier Valley      
Address:  8497 Thunder Mountain Rd.
Phone:  789-3605

Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints      
Address:  5100 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  780-4281

Christ Evangelical Lutheran (WELS)     
Address:  10300 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  790-4267

Auke Bay Bible Church      
Address:  11970 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  789-9318

Chapel by the Lake       
Address:  11024 Auke Lake Way
Phone:  789-7592

Restoration Grace Outreach      
Address:  5636 Glacier Hwy.
Phone:  780-5121


Jewish Community
Contact Natalie Rothaus (586-6925) or Chava Lee (586-1608)

Jehovah’s Witness
Phone:  790-2335/790-2336

Christian Life Center/Pentecostal
Phone:    463-5452

Church of the Nazarene      
Phone:  789-2724

Baha’I Faith
Phone:  789-0808       

Phone:  789-9068