JuneauBroadband Party!

Crazy about JuneauBroadband? Not sure what all the fuss is about? Come to the JuneauBroadband Party!

  • This Saturday, March 20th, 6-10pm
  • At the Hangar Ballroom
  • 21+ gets a ticket for one free Alaskan "Hi-Speed Spruce Ale"
  • Door prizes - including two Android phones
  • Learn all about ultra-high speed broadband networks
  • Get on video
  • Nominate Juneau with our wi-fi
  • Catch some great photos to post on your Facebook
    page in support of ultrafast broadband in Juneau!

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Nominate JuneauBroadband as Google's choice for an ultrafast broadband network!

Google has announced that it is going to build and test an ultrafast broadband network, and they've put out a nationwide request for proposals. At over 1 gigabit throughput per second, this network will offer fiber-to-the-user connections with open access and a choice of service providers at competitive prices.

What's in this for you? You tell us!

The Juneau Economic Development Council is submitting an application to Google on behalf of the City and Borough of Juneau to build and test this network in Juneau. How would ultrafast connectivity change your life, improve your business, or enhance Juneau's ability to connect with the rest of state, the country, and the planet? Nominate JuneauBroadband right now and share your answers!

Hundreds of other cities around the nation are rallying to submit applications on March 26, so competition is stiff and it will take every nomination, every creative idea, and every demonstration of support for us to rise above the crowd and bend Google's attention in our direction. Let's show Google that there's no better place to build an ultrafast broadband network than a rugged capital city on the Last Frontier!

Please follow these steps right now!

Step 1

- Nominate!

Step 2

- Network!

Join with your friends & neighbors as fans of Juneau Broadband on Facebook, where you can share ideas, see the next steps, and be part of the momentum.

Juneau Broadband on Facebook

Step 3

- Get Creative!

Articulate your support with an email, essay, video, song, dance, photo, or haiku. Share creations, thoughts, concerns or questions: Show us your creativity on Facebook!