Southeast Alaska Research and Development Action Initiatives

Cluster Co-Chairs: Dave D’Amore, USFS and Shannon Atkinson, UAF/UAS

  1. Develop a collaborative research network focused on key themes in southeast Alaska
    Champion: Dave D’Amore

    The goal of this initiative is to improve regional communication and coordination regarding research and development opportunities and needs in Southeast Alaska.
  2. Link industry needs to local researchers in Southeast Alaska
    Champion: Kurt Fredriksson

    The goal of this initiative is to leverage existing networks and create new ones in order to raise awareness among community stakeholders of the diverse capabilities and availability of research in our region.
  3. Connect Research to Communities
    Champion: Jim Powell

    This initiative will strengthen awareness of research, connection to research and develop talent for future researchers within Southeast Alaska’s remote rural communities by creating a mechanism for communication between rural SE communities and research establishments.
  4. Market the unique natural and socio-economic features of our region to public and private sector researchers/entities
    Champion: Allison Bidlack

    The objective of this initiative is to strengthen relationships within the existing regional network of research facilities in Southeast Alaska, elevate network visibility and profiles, make improvements in local infrastructure (i.e. visiting scientists’ quarters), and adopt institutional practices that allow sharing of facilities (e.g., laboratory space) and logistics support.
  5. Become SCoR (State Committee on Research) Area of Excellence
    Champion:  Shannon Atkinson

    The vision is for there to be a recognizable entity that obtains formal recognition as the vehicle for achieving the aims of the SCoR plan in Southeast.
  6. Promote STEM Education in our Region
    Champion: Lisa Busch, Sitka Sound Science Center

    The goal of this initiative is to augment STEM literacy in the regional education system by expanding STEM out-of-school learning opportunities for K-12 and post-secondary students.