STEM AK Summer Camps

2018 STEM Summer Camps\

Robotics Camps - connect to FIRST programs

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Grade levels are the grade a camper is entering in fall 2018. Please note that campers must bring their own lunch.

 Robotics Camps

WeDo Programming 


LEGO WeDo Products will be used to make alligators that chomp and monkeys that move! This camp is for students entering grades 2-3.

EV3 Programming 


Campers will use Mindstorms software to program LEGO EV3 Robots to complete various challenges! We are offering several weeks of Robotics Camps and participants can attend multiple weeks because activities will vary from week to week.

Girls Rock Robotics! 


A new spin on Girls Rock Science! Campers will use Mindstorms software to program LEGO EV3 Robots to complete various challenges!

High School Robotics                                              


Interested in honing your skills for the FIRST Tech Challenge? This camp will give students on opportunity to build skills in 3D Design and prototyping, programming in android studio, and the general engineering design process. 

Other Options 

Everything Goes Up! (and other fun STEM stuff)                                      


From paper airplanes to potato launchers - this camp is sure to be a blast. Days will be packed with fun, hands-on activities designed to get kids thinking, questioning, and creating. Activities will include storytelling, art, and engineering!

Building a Lunar Colony   


If humans continue to deplete resources on planet Earth, will there come a time when we need to create a settlement somewhere else in our solar system? In this camp, students will explore what it would take to set up a Moon colony - what materials they will need to bring, how the very different lunar environment might impact the way they live, and what challenges they would face to survive on the Moon. Students will investigate impacts of the lunar environment and construct models of possible colonies to meet specific criteria and constraints.

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art supplies, recycled materials, hardware
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. They will also explore how to
optimize the visual and auditory aesthetics of their works
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3D Design and Printing

3D printing can help bring your dreams to life! Throughout this week, you'll be challenged to think about ways you can solve everyday problems in 3D! You'll work with your fellow campers to imagine, design, model, print, and build 3D parts. You'll work with Tinkercad, free software that you can use at home, and you'll be introduced to resources in town like the Juneau Makerspace so you can keep on designing and printing long after camp has finished!