"Juneau Unplugged: Live more. Use less." is a community campaign in response to Juneau's two electricity crises. The latest crisis was caused after an avalanche has destroyed a tower along the Snettisham Hydroelectric Project south of Juneau on January 12th, 2009, knocking out low-cost power to the capital city. The disruption of access to most of our hydroelectric capacity means diesel generators are now providing electricity to Juneau at significantly higher rates. The logo and slogan is the result of the creative energies of dedicated citizens* and embraced by a number of committed organizations, including the City and Borough of Juneau, to provide to the community information and support during the crisis period. The genesis of the idea for a campaign is based on experiences from other communities in the USA and abroad who have gone through energy crises of their own.

The "Juneau Unplugged, Live more. Use less." campaign is directed by local non-profits and the City in partnerships with community groups, local media, the business community, AEL&P, and local schools. With the dual goals of providing information and support, the campaign endeavors to provide the community with information about conservation, safely reducing electricity consumption, progress on efforts to repair the damaged lines, political and administrative responses to the crisis, and education about energy alternatives. The campaign supports efforts to deliver financial assistance to needy families, businesses and other organizations, creating spaces to communicate across our community, including forums and a web-site.

We encourage the use of the logo and slogan by community groups to better communicate their efforts to the wider public. If you would like to use this logo and slogan, please contact us at info@juneauunplugged.com. We can get through this crisis together, so let's Live More, Use Less.

Kilowatt Monitors

The JEDC has a kilowatt monitor lending program through the Juneau Public Library and Downtown Video. They loan the monitor for 2 days.

  • Downtown Juneau has 3 monitors - 4 day loan (reserve recommended)
  • The Valley Branch has 3 monitors - 4 day loan (reserve recommended)
  • The Douglas Branch has 2 monitors - 4 day loan (reserve recommended)
  • Downtown Video has 1 monitor (with another on the way) - 2 day loan

January 2009 Snettisham Avalanche

UPDATE - Snettisham power restored on February 1st

The graph below depicts Juneau's daily electrical energy use for 2008 and 2009.

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SOURCE: Alaska Electric LIGHT & POWER. Download Data (xls)

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April 2008 Snettisham Avalanche

The graph below depicts Juneau's daily electrical energy use for 2007 and 2008.

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SOURCE: Alaska Electric LIGHT & POWER. Download Data (xls)

Powering Down in Juneau - LBL News Center (June 18, 2008)

Juneau, Alaska, Cuts Electricity Use Drastically During Crisis - US Dept Energy (June 4, 2008)

Empire editorial: Crisis lesson: Communities should unite - Juneau Empire (June 1, 2008)

A City Cooler and Dimmer, and, Oh, Proving a Point - New York Times (May 2008)

Electric usage drops 20 percent: Juneau Empire April 23, 2008

On April 16, 2008 at 3:54am an avalanche that was 1.5 miles across started 3 miles from the Snettisham Power House. AEL&P did an air assessment of the damage that morning and found one of the transmission towers completely down and four badly damaged. A second avalanche fell shortly after the AEL&P helicopter left and took out additional towers. The Snettisham Power House provides the majority of Juneau's power. Without this hydroelectric power AEL&P will have to supplement with diesel, raising prices to the consumer to approximately 0.50 cents a kilowatt hour.