Blue Ribbon Teams

Blue Ribbon Teams

FIRST in Alaska - Blue Ribbon Teams

No one tells - or shows - the FIRST story better than FIRST teams! FIRST in Alaska is inviting our teams to be an active part of our statewide outreach efforts, gain some recognition for your team and organization, and hone student marketing and presentation skills in the process. Blue Ribbons are available for all programs - FIRST LEOG League Jr, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition. 

How it works:

  1. Actively and professionally participate in a minimum of five outreach events - 2 major and 2 minor using the descriptions in the next section. 
  2. Take photos and share on social media with #FIRSTinAlaska to keep as documentation of what you've done!
  3. Always make sure to have a sign-up sheet for people to receive more information on FIRST in Alaska and enter those emails in one of the ways listed below as soon as your event is over. 
    1. Use a printed form. Scan and return the form to after the event with the subject line "Outreach Contacts."
    2. Use this online form.
  4. Once you've completed five or more events, submit your application and documentation here. 

Event details:

  • 2 Major Events 
    • Prepare and present a presentation to decision makers in your community (eg. school board, sponsor company, or city council)
    • Prepare and plan a stand-alone hands-on workshop for a minimum of 5 participants
    • Run a tournament or expo (see definition of RUN here
    • Volunteer as a team (at least 1/2 your team) in full-day roles at a FIRST in Alaska Tournament
    • Host a training webinar for other teams or volunteers that is attended by members of at least 3 teams other than your own. 
    • Create a tutorial video for other teams or team members (eg - wiring tips, notebook tips, presentation tips and tricks). Post online and tag #FIRSTinAlaska.
    • Prepare a presentation for an official FIRST in Alaska outreach event (eg. coach training, ASTE session)
  • 3 Minor Events
    • Run an activity at a science or family fun night
    • Run a robot demonstration at a school assembly
    • Arrange a radio interview, newspaper article, or other media presence about your team. Share on social media and tag #FIRSTinAlaska
    • Volunteer at a booth/table at an official FIRST in Alaska outreach event (eg. State Fair, ASTE Conference, Afterschool Conference)
    • Other. Have an event idea? Send a description to and we'll help categorize it as a major event. 

Guidelines for Teams

  • GP Conduct at all times - Everyone (adults and students) at an event must be dressed appropriately, business casual with team shirts and long pants, unless otherwise advised; be attentive to guests, and chaperones must be attentive to kids - no texting, non-FIRST game playing (gaming, horseplay, etc)
  • Students do the outreach - We're trying to showcase how capable our students are and how they need every opportunity to become capable of explaining what they do and how they do it. Outreach events are great practice!
  • Understand your FIRST program - Team members should have an "elevator speech" explanation of FIRST that's easy for kids to share (ie something like, "FIRST teachers science and engineering through robot competitions.") and refer to FIRST programs by theri full names instead of acronyms. (Check out our Outreach Resources for guidance)
  • Be informed about hte event at which you're exhibiting - and be able to relate FIRST involvement to the business or educational community involved in the event. 

Showcase Team Recognition

  • Listed on the FIRST in Alaska website
  • Letters of appreciation from FIRST in Alaska 
  • FIRST in Alaska Blue Ribbon for display in pits / school display case
  • FIRST in Alaska Blue Ribbon icon for use on team website(s) and promotional materials