FIRST in Alaska Corporate Challenge

FIRST in Alaska Corporate Challenge


The 2020 Corporate Challenge is moving to Anchorage!

The Corporate Challenge is a great event designed to raise funds, interest and excitement for FIRST programs. The Challenge allows adults to get in on the action of FIRST -- and don't be fooled by the name! It's not just for Corporations. Anyone can join!

Teams of adults get a shot at the building and programming an EV3 robot to complete missions focused on the prior year's FLL theme. After signing up, teams have a short amount of time to meet, program and practice for the big event when teams compete head to head to complete as many missions as possible in just two and a half minutes.

Important Information:

  • When is the competition?

    • Team registration deadline is February 28. 
    • We will offering training opportunities and materials pick up during the week of March 1st. 
    • Teams have 5 weeks to build and program. We will have online support available throughout those 5 weeks to help with programming and game questions. 
    • The competition will be on Wednesday, April 8 from 6 PM - 8 PM at the 49th State Brewing Company Anchorage Brewpub. 
  • How do I sign up? 

    • Complete your registration here!
    • Team requirements: Teams must be composed of at least 2 individuals and and commit to abide by the FIRST Code of Conduct. You do not have to be affiliated with a business or organization. 
    • Cost: $1,000 per team. All materials provided. 
  • Are there discounts? 

    • Yes! We are offering special discounts for some of our VIP participants. 
      • Commit to Coach Discount. Coaches committed to leading a team in the 2020-2021 season can receive a $200 discount. 
      • University Discount. Student and/or faculty teams from any Alaska University can receive a $100 discount. 
  • Why should I compete? 

    • Support our teams! Registration fees from this event will be used for direct support to register teams for the 2020-2021 season and provide support for our statewide operations. You can choose to direct you team support to a specific team or let us choose a deserving recipient. Corporate teams will be notified which official FLL team you are supporting so you can cheer them on through their season. 
    • Learn the program! The Corporate Challenge is a great way to understand what FIRST LEGO League is about and become a strong coach, mentor, and volunteer. 
    • Improve work performance! FIRST LEGO League teams of all ages show gains in workforce skills. This is a great way to build morale and improve communication and teamwork at the office. 
    • Market your business! Corporate Challenge teams will be recognized in our 2020-2021 event programs, on our webiste, and thorugh social media. 
  • What do I win? 

    • Honor! Pride! Bragging rights! And a LEGO trophy. Trophies will be given for the top performing team and for team spirit.




Thanks to all the participants in the 2016 Corporate Challenge! We hope to see you again this year!