Technology Transfer


formerly springbaord


  • Find commercial parters for Alaska-grown inventions and technologies
  • Help Alaskan businesses grow and be competitive with new technologies from federal labs, universities & inventors


  • Increase revenue for our universities, private labs and inventors
  • Turn innovative ideas in to new businesses & jobs
  • Support existing Alaskan businesses in global competitiveness
  • Increase research dollars coming to our state
  • Promote innovation to diversify Alaska’s economy


As a partnership intermediary for the Department of Defense for 7 years, JEDC has facilitated hundreds of conversations and completed 98 technology transfer agreements.
In working with UAF's Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization (OIPC) since 2012, JEDC has helped sign licenses for 2 patents and 35 software technologies to Alaskan companies. Prior to 2012 only 1 technology license had been completed by UAF. The work of this partnership has led to 4 new company start-ups in Alaska, and at least 12 new jobs.
Some Alaskan success stories include:

Soil Stabilization

JEDC facilitated an agreement between Civil Technologies, LLC of Anchorage and the Army Corps of Engineers ERDC laboratory to develop a technology to stabilizes marginal soils without permafrost when suitable borrow material is unavailable.This effort resulted in a cost effective solution to sub‐grade and subsurface stabilization for pads and roads in environments with marginal soils.

Seafloor Mapping

An agreement was facilitated between the conglomeration of Fugro companies and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Stennis to allow for data transfer between several parties for research collaboration related to the hardware, software, and conceptual technology applicable to marine, terrestrial and ice geo surveying.

Secure Data Transfer

Sequestered Solutions of Alaska, LLC commercialized The Trapline Network, a high-security hardware device used in data transfer. The based technology was developed by  the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) with JEDC connecting the entities. 

Fishbone heavy metal remediation in mines

JEDC facilitated an agreement between the Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and Teck Alaska to collaborate on the testing of a new heavy metal remediation product for use at Red Dog Mine. This technology could help both the seafood and mining industries by turning a product currently entering the waste stream to a new tool for improving the environment.