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I would encourage all to consider attending JEDC's upcoming Innovation Summit in Juneau, February 15-16, 2017. Over the years, the event has become the premier venue to network with various public sector officials, private sector businesses and innovators from across Alaska. Of particular value are the talented speakers who present at the Summit and share ideas and innovations from around the world to better give our own region and communities a focus on how to bolster our economy through innovative thinking -- being willing to "think outside the box". More than once, attendees have left with new and unique ideas as to how to manage their current business or found inspiration to step out and create a new business opportunity. Come and open your mind to what might be possible!
Kirby Day
Manager/Port Operations – Baltic, Mexico, Hawaii, Southern California for Holland America Group
The Innovation Summit is a key event for us each year, as we look forward to the exchange of ideas and the enthusiasm and pioneering spirit embodied in the participants. We use it as an opportunity to brainstorm on solutions and we often trace the seeds to innovation at our brewery coming from the Summit.
Andy Kline, Alaskan Brewing Co.

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